anchor shot

2D Wave Shoaling – Deep Water Shoaling Coefficient

3D vector animation Milwaukee 2012

Conservation of Linear Momentum for Fluid Flows

Detached island breakwater, as modeled with Celeris wave model

Dispersion Relation Simplifications for Short and Long Waves

Draining water from a cylindrical container

Lafayette chlorination chamber

Lake Michigan Drifter Animation

Lake Michigan drifters released in 2013

This animation shows the paths of 6 floating drifters that we released at the center of Lake Michigan in 2013. The drifters were equipped with satellite-tracked GPS units that reported location every 1 hour. The drifter paths illustrate the dominance of near-inertial surface layer motions in Lake Michigan’s interior during the summer. These motions are clockwise spirals with roughly 18 hour period and dominate motions in the surface layer of Lake Michigan between roughly May and December.

More details can be found in: Choi, J., Troy, C., Hawley, N., McCormick, M., & Wells, M. (2020). Lateral dispersion of dye and drifters in the center of a very large lake. Limnology and Oceanography, 65(2), 336-348.

Lake Michigan dune and beach erosion LIDAR drone survey

Lake Michigan Upwelling – Michigan Coast

Lake Michigan waves

March 10, 2020

Michigan City Thermal Transect 2009

Muskegon 2010 Lake Michigan Thermal Transect

Muskegon 2010 Spring Transect

Open channel flow: Introduction to specific energy

Prof. Cary Troy cutting line from Michigan City buoy anchor

Purdue wave tank – wave breaking

Shoaling diagonal waves on uniform slope – 20sec

Shoaling water waves – 10sec period

Shoaling waves – 4sec period

Stratified Gate Underflow – Kelvin Helmholtz

Waves refracting at the beach (10s period)