LExplore Platform

Vertical Mixing and Basin-scale Energetics in Lake Geneva, Switzerland


L’Explore floating observational platform on Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

This project was developed during my sabbatical at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, where I was hosted by Dr. Johny Wüest. The objectives of the project were to quantify seasonal variations in vertical mixing in the lake, making use of the L’Explore Platform, and to link these observations of vertical mixing with the overall energetics of the lake. This one-of-a-kind floating observational platform is a moored 10m x 10m instrumented platform that contains continuously recording instruments and also serves as a deployment platform for episodic work. During my time there, we performed regular weekly microstructure sampling from the platform, as well as some intensive 24 hour experiments to examine biological variability.


Johny Wüest, Bieito Fernandez, Hugo Ulloa (EPFL); Damien Bouffard (EAWAG)

Selected Publications

Seasonality modulates wind-driven mixing pathways in a large lake
Castro, B.F., D. Bouffard, C.D. Troy, H.N. Ulloa, S. Piccolroaz, O.S. Steiner, H.E. Chmiel, L.S. Moncadas, S. Lavanchy, and A. Wüest Communications Earth & Environment PDF  PDF  Online Article

Characterizing the seasonal variability of hypolimnetic mixing in a large, deep lake
Cannon, D.J., C.D. Troy, H. Bootsma, Q. Liao, and R.-A. Maclellan-Hurd. Journal of Geophysical Research PDF  Online Article