Shoreline Surveys to Support Resilient Beaches


Performing a shoreline survey using Purdue’s LiDAR-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle

Also motivated by the recent high water levels in the Laurentian Great Lakes, this project aims to collect and disseminate timely shoreline data and analysis to Indiana shoreline managers and residents. For this project, we will be performing shoreline surveys using Purdue’s LiDAR-equipped unmanned aerial vehicle, as well as analyzing existing historical LiDAR data to assess Indiana’s shoreline changes in the context of historical changes.


Lake Michigan Coastal Program, Indiana Department of Natural Resources / NOAA


Ayman Habib, Purdue University

Selected Publications

Evaluation of UAV LiDAR for mapping coastal Environments
Lin, Y.-C., Cheng, Y.-T., Zhou, T., Ravi, R., Hasheminasab, S.M., Flatt, J.E., Troy, C., Habib, A. Remote Sens. 2019 11, 2893 PDF  Online Article

Rapid Lake Michigan shoreline changes revealed by UAV LiDAR surveys
Troy, C.D., Y.-T. Cheng, Y.-C. Lin, and A. Habib. Journal of Coastal Engineering PDF  PDF  Online Article