CE299 Stream Dye Release

CE29900 – Introduction to the Engineering of Water, 1cr.

This co-taught course is a hands-on introduction to water engineering. The course is aimed at providing first- and second-year engineering students exposure to topics in water engineering, as well as directly introducing students to some of the faculty members who teach water subjects. The course meets weekly, typically for the first 5 weeks of the semester, in a series of 3-hour active classes. Each week, a different instructor highlights a new topic or problem related to water engineering, and activities have ranged from computer modeling of flooding to ReNew House field trips and experiments in local streams. Topics vary between semesters, but previous classes have learned about swimming pool chemistry (Dr. Chip Blatchley), pollution in streams (Dr. Antoine Aubeneau), drinking water contamination (Dr. Amisha Shah), building water supplies (Dr. Rao Govindaraju), nutrient loading (Dr. Cary Troy, me), and flood modeling (Dr. Venkatesh Merwade). If you think you might be interested in becoming a water engineer, this course is a great way to learn more about the field and the professors you’ll have down the road. We teach this class most semesters.