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CE34000 – Hydraulics, 3cr.

Hydraulics, or fluid mechanics, is the study of how fluids behave at rest and in motion, and the interaction between fluids and objects in contact with the fluids. In this course we primarily deal with water and air, and learn the basic principles that can be used to solve related engineering problems. Course topics include fluid properties; hydrostatic pressure and forces on submerged surfaces; fluid kinematics and the Bernoulli Equation; steady and unsteady conservation of mass; conservation of linear momentum; viscous flow in pipes; drag and lift on submerged objects; and open channel flow. Applications for these topics can include water supply systems, reservoirs, pipelines, boats and submersibles, wind loads on buildings, water treatment, rockets (sorry, but it is rocket science!), rivers and streams, drainage, and more. This course is required of all Purdue Civil Engineers, with a grade of C- or better. I teach this course every other spring, i.e. ’22,’24, etc.